Debate on Foreign National Offenders

Thousands of foreign criminals are free to commit crimes sprees in the UK as Britain’s hands are tied by European laws stopping them being deported, an MP has said.

English Votes for English Laws

AN MP is demanding an urgent debate into English votes for English laws after Scottish MPs voted on an amendment in Parliament only affecting England and Wales.

Debate on Dodgy Dossier

An MP who ten years ago called for Britain to leave the EU is demanding a debate into a “dodgy dossier” supporting the case for staying in the EU published by the Prime Minister.

Philip Davies MP: 'Why Sunday trading restrictions must end'

In an age where you can buy anything from a TV to a pint of milk at the click of a button at midnight on a Sunday evening, it is ridiculous that restrictions still exist for large stores. Internet shopping has reformed the consumer market and thus overdue changes to trading hours are desperately needed.

End aid to India

Shipley MP Philip Davies is demanding aswers from the Government to state what type or form of international aid the UK still gives to India after the Secretary of State for International Development said all aid will stop as of 2015.

Bradford Council cover up on council tax information by ward

Bradford Council has been accused of a cover up after it wrote in FOI response to Philip Davies MP it did not have details of cash raised from council tax collection by ward – only for the former leader Kris Hopkins and now Government minister to tell Parliament the data is available. Mr Davies said it should be statutory to publish how much council tax receipts they receive from each ward in the area.

Jobs in the Shipley Constituency and West Yorkshire

More jobs were created in Yorkshire last year than in the whole of France, the Employment Minister said in response to a question from Shipley MP Philip Davies. The shock but positive news came as Shipley MP Philip Davies urged ministers to ensure jobcentres back job fairs organised by MPs to help people back into work. Mr Davies held a Jobs fair in November last year which saw businesses and organisations come together with 300 vacancies on offer. ONS figures show a huge increase in employment thanks to the Conservative led Government's reforms.