Government to meet with Bradford Council next week to discuss timetable for Shipley Eastern Bypass

Top level talks over Shipley Eastern Bypass will take place next week between Bradford Council and Government (FEB 21), an MP has been told.

The revelation came after questioning from Shipley MP Philip during Common’s Transport Question time when he asked when the feasibility study – which government paid for – would be finalised and the next steps for the project can be taken.

Transport Minister Jesse Norman said: “We have contributed several hundred thousand pounds to this scheme and discussions are continuing and indeed we will be meeting later this month.

“The department will be discussing this with council officials both timetable and scope for the study on February 21.”

Mr Davies, who has been pushing for the bypass for years, welcomed the news.

He said: “I am thrilled to know the meeting will be next week. This is a much needed scheme for my constituents, not only will it deal with congestion problems in the area, it will help our local economy. Now we have a time scale I hope this will be the start of the long-awaited project going forward and this bypass will finally become a reality.”

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling previously visited the area and made clear he supported the scheme.