Philip Davies MP demands more funding for further education

Philip Davies MP has demanded assurances from the Department for Education more money will be coming to Shipley and Bradford Colleges “in the very near future”.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said students, parents and teachers needed answers from Government on how it will solve the FE funding problem and hoped next month’s spring statement may provide some guarantees.

Speaking in Parliament he said: “Will the minister accept that the funding for further education colleges has been the worst hit of all parts of the education system and can he give my constituents some assurances there will be more money for the Shipley College and Bradford College in the very near future.”

Replying in Education Questions, Education Minister Anne Milton said: “I know the sector faces significant challenges. We are putting in £500 million of disadvantage funding, £127 million of discretionary bursary funding that has been money going in but I am aware that the base rate for 16 to 19 year olds, although it has been protected, it still lives the FE sector with challenges moving ahead.”

Mr Davies also called for more money for schools across the constituency.