Philip Davies MP condemns Labour opponent's disregard for leave voters

Shipley MP Philip Davies has criticised his Labour opponent, at the next general election, for support calls for a second referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU; now the official policy of the Labour Party.

On Twitter Jo Pike, Labour candidate at the next general election for the Shipley constituency said “So my position is that I do support a people’s vote. I will campaign for remain.”

In other exchanges she said “I do oppose Brexit”

Mr Davies said “The majority of people in the Shipley constituency, as well as the country as a whole, voted to leave the EU in the referendum; with the largest leave vote in the constituency coming from the Labour ward of Windhill and Wrose. Jo Pike clearly has contempt for those voters, I am not sure why she feels they will support her when she cannot support their democratic vote.

“It seems that the only people who want a second referendum are those who aren’t prepared to accept the result of the one we had”