Philip Davies MP "will not stop demanding Shipley Eastern Bypass until it becomes reality" Commons Speaker warns Ministers

Commons Speaker John Bercow has warned Treasury ministers Philip Davies will not stop demanding funding for the Shipley Eastern Bypass until it becomes a reality.

The comment came after questioning from Shipley MP Mr Davies in Commons Treasury questions, where he renewed his plea to make the long-awaited bypass happen.

Mr Davies said: “The Chancellor has rightly made big play that we need to improve productivity in this country and one of the biggest drags on productivity in my part of the world are clogged up roads and my part of West Yorkshire is one of the most congested parts of the UK. Will the Chancellor use money from either his productivity fund or from his road building fund to make sure there is enough money in the kitty to progress the long awaited and much needed Shipley Eastern Bypass.”

Mr Davies has been calling for action to make the scheme a reality since it was first mentioned in the Airedale plan years ago. Last month a meeting was due to take place between Government and Bradford Council.

Chancellor Philip Hammond said: “We have funded a study into the Shipley Eastern Bypass and it is absolutely right that very often the highest value road investment can be relatively modest local schemes which relieve pressure and allow regeneration of towns, release some housing land and the more efficient operation of local industry, but we will have a record size fund available but through the hypothecation of vehicle excise duty.”

In an unusual move, after Mr Hammond finished, Commons Speaker Mr Bercow commented: “Well the member for Shipley won’t stop going on about it until he gets it, I think of that we can be absolutely certain.”

Mr Davies said the scheme was needed to deal with congestion but also would bring benefits to the local economy.

He added: “I will be asking more questions of the Treasury until I get the answers and assurances my constituents need. While I am pleased a record size fund will be available what I want to hear from the Chancellor is we will get the money we need to make the bypass a reality.”