MP fights for new schools

Philip Davies set out the case to Schools Secretary to rebuild secondary schools because of their rising student numbers. Mr. Davies believes that Bingley and Ilkley grammar schools are over-crowded and in need of more space because there is excess supply of students.

1,000 people 'too fat to work' claim £5m

David Cameron and George Osborne believe that big savings can be made in the £13billion-a-year incapacitated benefits system. For example, 1,000 said they were too fat to work and claimed £5million, along with benefits for headaches and blisters.

'You're taking your life in your hands'

Campaigners want to see safety measures installed at the junction of Branksome Drive and Bradford Road. Philip Davies supports the campaigners because he wants it to be fixed before people get injured or worse.

27,000 new jail TVs

Millions of pounds have gone on sets for nearly half the jail cells in England and Wales. This comes at a time when people were forced to slash spending to cope with the recession.

You pay for MEP children's skiing.

A ski trip for children of MEPs was heavily subsidised by Brussels parliament. This comes in addition to a recent demand for a 3.7 per cent pay raise during the recession.

Shipley and Keighley MPs voice concerns

Two MPs in the Bradford district are calling for Government to scrap plans to merge the city's fire control centre and answer calls in Wakefield, fearing lives could be put at risk.

DNA 'strong case for death penalty'

Ground-breaking DNA detection techniques means the argument for bringing back the death penalty is getting "stronger and stronger," according to a West Yorkshire MP. Shipley Tory MP Philip Davies said politicians are out of step with public opinion on the issue of capital punishment.

Dad wins £1,350 refund from CSA - and an apology

A father-of-six has won a long-running battle with the Child Support Agency (CSA) for a refund of more than £1,350 - with the help of the Telegraph & Argus...He thanked the T&A and Shipley Tory MP Philip Davies for taking up his case...