Jobs in the Shipley Constituency and West Yorkshire

More jobs were created in Yorkshire last year than in the whole of France, the Employment Minister said in response to a question from Shipley MP Philip Davies. The shock but positive news came as Shipley MP Philip Davies urged ministers to ensure jobcentres back job fairs organised by MPs to help people back into work. Mr Davies held a Jobs fair in November last year which saw businesses and organisations come together with 300 vacancies on offer. ONS figures show a huge increase in employment thanks to the Conservative led Government's reforms.

Shipley Eastern Bypass

The fate of the Shipley Eastern Bypass lies with Bradford Council and West Yorkshire Comibined Authority. Philip Davies MP has been persistently calling on the local authorities to use money available to transport funds in West Yorkshire to be used appropriately and include the Shipley Eastern Bypass as a priority. 

Dogs thefts

Philip Davies MP told the Prime Minister at Prime Ministers Questions that mroe must be done to tackle dog thefts and treat the crime seriously just as any other crime. Prime Minister David Cameron condemned the theft as appalling after Mr Davies urged him to “make sure the authorities investigate these crimes and take them seriously.


Philip Davies MP has abacked a Bill in Parliament that would restrict the subsidies given to wind turbines. He wants epopel to have the cheapest energy available nto the greenest.  As a result of green inittiatives started with Ed Miliband people would pay more for greener energy. 

Children Centres

Bradford Council has come under attack in Parliament for playing political games at the expense of children. Shipley MP Philip Davies accused the Labour-run council of giving preferential treatment to Labour heartlands and cutting services in his Conservative area along with neighbouring Keighley.

Bradford Council not helping people with housing issues

Philip accussed Labour-led Council and social housing provider of not building enough 1 or 2 bedroom properties and called Labour Party responsible for artificially inflating the issues around Spare Room Subsidy which Labour calls 'bedroom tax.' In Parliament Philip asked: “Why should a single person on housing benefit, who perhaps does not go to work, be able to live freely in a three-bedroom property, when a couple who are hard at work and cannot afford such a large property have to pay for that property for them?"

Philip Davies MP meets Area Manager from leading Armed Forces charity

Philip Davies MP met with Chris Cunningham, the local Area Manager for The Royal British Legion at an evetn in Westminster. Philip said he was very pleased to have the opportunity to meet with Chris. The MP is supportive of the leading Armed Forces charity's work which provides help to injured Army personnel.