Philip Davies MP warns Labour Party plans would see fewer criminals sent to prison

Philip Davies MP has warned official figures show tens of thousands more criminals would be free to walk the street and commit further crimes under Labour Party plans to send fewer criminals to prison.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said he wanted to see criminals behind bars and the number of people becoming victims of crime reduced not increase.

He has criticised a policy announcement made by Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon who said a future Labour Government would legislate for a presumption against short term jail sentences of six months or less, apart from for violent and sexual offences.

Mr Davies said: “It is absolutely ludicrous to suggest scrapping of sentences of six months or less. It is clear the Labour Party is out of touch with the public on crime and thinks it is acceptable to create more victims of crime as that is what will happen. Ending short sentences sends out the message that crime is acceptable and you will get off with a slap on the wrist and walk free and therefore free to commit further crimes. Statistics from the Ministry of Justice consistently show that the longer people spend in prison the less likely they are to re-offend, that is why I want to see longer sentences.”

According to the official figures from the Ministry of Justice provided to Mr Davies in a written parliamentary answer, 49,389 sentences of six month or less were handed down by the courts in 2017. Crimes ranged from assault and battery, to theft, to possessing a blade, weapon or firearm, breaching restraining orders and robbery.

Mr Davies added: “The Labour Party appears to think it is ok to let criminals walk free and not be punished for their actions. The Conservative Party is committed to increasing prison capacity with an additional 10,000 places to keep our streets safe as we will be tougher on crime under Boris Johnson and ensure the public is properly protected, victims are properly supported and everyone can be confident that justice will be done.”