Children Centres

Bradford Council has come under attack in Parliament for playing political games at the expense of children. Shipley MP Philip Davies accused the Labour-run council of giving preferential treatment to Labour heartlands and cutting services in his Conservative area along with neighbouring Keighley.

Bradford Council not helping people with housing issues

Philip accussed Labour-led Council and social housing provider of not building enough 1 or 2 bedroom properties and called Labour Party responsible for artificially inflating the issues around Spare Room Subsidy which Labour calls 'bedroom tax.' In Parliament Philip asked: “Why should a single person on housing benefit, who perhaps does not go to work, be able to live freely in a three-bedroom property, when a couple who are hard at work and cannot afford such a large property have to pay for that property for them?"

Philip Davies MP meets Area Manager from leading Armed Forces charity

Philip Davies MP met with Chris Cunningham, the local Area Manager for The Royal British Legion at an evetn in Westminster. Philip said he was very pleased to have the opportunity to meet with Chris. The MP is supportive of the leading Armed Forces charity's work which provides help to injured Army personnel.

Prisonomics by Vicky Pryce - book review by Philip Davies MP

I do not even get past the introduction before the next body blow.  She refers to “The custodial sentences mostly male judges enjoy imposing…”  and that “Britain is poorly served by an anachronistic, archaic network of male judges who send far too many women to prison”.  I do not know what planet she is on but if the judiciary sentencing people to custody in the numbers they currently do is apparently something they enjoy then I literally shudder at the thought of how few people they would send to prison if they really hated it!

Philip met with Whizz Kids at Conservative Party Conference in Manchester

Shipley MP, Philip Davies was put on the spot at Party Conference when aspiring journalist and young Ambassador for the charity Whizz-Kidz, Jacqui, turned interviewer.  Whizz-Kidz – a national charity which provides disabled youngsters with life-changing mobility equipment, as well as opportunities to learn valuable life skills and become more independent, arranged for Jacqui to act as a roving reporter at the Conference.

Shipley MP makes pledge in the fight against dementia

Shipley MP Philip Davies has pledged to take action to support the 800,000 people living with dementia across the UK.Philip Davies joined 200 other MPs and representatives from Alzheimer’s Society in Portcullis House, Westminster, last week to provide a handwritten statement of the action they will take to support people with dementia and their carers.