Philip Davies MP celebrates NHS success with the Brittle Bone Society

Philip Davies has joined with clinicians and disabled people living with Brittle Bones and associated conditions to celebrate the wonderful care given by NHS specialist centres to children with the condition across the UK.

At a parliamentary reception held on 6th June, the MP for Shipley congratulated the Brittle Bone society on its 50th anniversary and applauded those NHS specialist services which had been presented with awards to celebrate the difference which the service is making to children’s lives.

The charity also highlighted the discrepancies that exist between child and adult services, and the need for continued and multi-disciplinary services for this lifelong condition.

Patricia Osborne, CEO of the Brittle Bone Society, said, “We were incredibly honoured to be able to hold this reception at the House of Commons and to celebrate our 50 years of supporting people with OI. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to thank and reward all the wonderful NHS staff who work tirelessly in supporting us and our members, and to recognise the advances in healthcare achievements throughout the years. There is much to build on as we ensure that adults with the condition also feel fully supported.”

Samantha Renke, disability campaigner and actress, said, “It was great to see the Brittle Bone Society have this opportunity to raise awareness of this rare condition and highlight the needs that so many of us living with OI come across on a regular basis. The treatment when you are a child is excellent, but the minute you turn 18, you end up being the expert on your own condition.”

Lord Shinkwin said, “I was delighted to support the tremendous work of the Brittle Bone Society and celebrate the wonderful NHS specialist services for people with rare bone conditions like Brittle Bones. The Brittle Bone Society is a charity which punches above its weight. Whether supporting parents of newborns or families of young children and then young people and adults with the condition, the Brittle Bone Society is at the forefront of making sure their voice is heard. We need the NHS to build on its excellent record of supporting children with Brittle Bones so that adults with the condition are enabled to live a busy and fulfilling life and realise their potential.”

The Parliamentary Reception is one of a number of special events the Brittle Bone Society is running to commemorate its 50th year. This includes a four day conference in August this year at the Apex Hotel in the charity’s home town of Dundee.