Keighley's Conservative candidate supports the Leave Bradford Council campaign

The man hoping to be Keighley’s next Conservative MP has pledged support to neighbouring Philip Davies’ growing campaign for the area to split from Bradford Council and form its own authority.

The Shipley MP wants a referendum across the two parliamentary constituencies of Shipley and Keighley to gauge support for the move, which would see a new council formed similar in size to Calderdale.

Now Keighley’s Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Robbie Moore has added his name to the campaign. He shares Mr Davies’ view that the Labour-led Bradford Council consistently prioritises spending on inner-city heartlands at the expense and detriment to the Shipley and Keighley constituencies.

Mr Moore said: “Speaking with residents from across the Constituency, people are tired of ‘bad’ Bradford policy and the negative impacts it has on our area. Just one example is Worth Valley residents have seen the Tourist Information Centre close in Haworth, yet the equivalent remains open in Bradford City Centre.

“The strength of feeling across the Keighley and Ilkley constituency is clear, we want a better deal, a fair deal a deal that offers more and that must start with a split from Bradford Council. That’s why I am actively supporting this campaign, which explores the possibility of a separate Unitary Authority for our two constituencies.”

Mr Davies said: “Too many times we have missed out to the Labour heartlands and I want an end to it, money has been given to city centre projects or businesses and the Shipley constituency is sidelined.

“I want money invested in our area and believe forming a separate council is the way forward. The money raised through council tax would be spent in our area by people who know the area and not siphoned off to Bradford. It would also mean local planning decisions would be taken by local councillors instead of by Bradford which would protect our greenbelt, which Bradford Council has been concreting over for too long. A separate council would end the focus being solely on Bradford town centre schemes, projects or businesses.”

Mr Davies also has support from local businesses for the split. People can sign the petition by visiting Philip’s website or Robbie’s website

The petition will be handed to the Secretary of State for Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government Robert Jenrick.