Unduly Lenient Sentence

An MP has failed to get the sentence of a mother who inflicted nearly two years of abuse on her little boy a longer prison sentence.

Animal Welfare

AN MP is demanding Parliament debate animal welfare to ensure crimes against animals are taken seriously.

Positive Discrimination

Jobs must be handed out on merit and not on gender, religion or sexual orientation, an MP has warned.

School places

More school places are needed in the Shipley constituency to ensure parents can send their children to a school of their choice, an MP has said.

Equality in sentencing

Philip Davies is demanding government write to judges to ensure sentences handed out to men and women who commit the same crime are equal.

Immigration after Brexit

AN MP has demanded the new Prime Minister stick to her promise to reduce the level of immigration to tens of thousands.

Response to Chilcot Report

AN MP has demanded assurances from government it will learn from the Chilcot report and never let service personnel be sent to war without appropriate equipment.

Gamble Aware Week 2016

All this week, betting shops in Shipley will be participating in ‘Gamble Aware Week’, which will include the launch of new mandatory alerts on the amount of money someone has spent or time they have played on an electronic gaming machine.

Building on Greenfield sites

AN MP has vowed to plough through documents detailing when building on greenbelt is acceptable after government hinted most developments should not go be given the go-ahead on the protected land.

Local MP calls for protection of greenbelt land

AN MP is urging government to step in and protect the greenbelt amid fears Bradford Council will ride roughshod over the concerns of residents and build hundreds of houses on what should be protected land.