Prison Population

Prison population will continue to grow unless we leave the European Union with numbers of foreign criminals soaring 20 fold, an MP has warned.

Parliamentary Procedure

AN MP has attacked calls by a Scottish MP to change how Parliament is run and said scrutinising legislation is more important than re-arranging dinner plans.

Mixed Ability Sports

Mixed ability sports should be rolled out following the success of the rugby world cup tournament in Bingley, an MP has urged Government.

EU Trade

European countries will not stop trading with the UK if it votes to leave and anyone with “even an ounce of common sense” can see that, an MP has warned.

EU Criminals

With free movement of people comes free movement of criminals, an MP has warned as he set out how numbers of foreign prisoners has soared in recent years.

Immigration Pledge

An MP has challenged government to set out how it can reduce immigration when being part of the European Union means people can come and go as they please.