More funding for police officers

We need more police officers in our local community. I am working to get more funding for the Police.

Policing should always be a spending priority for a Conservative Government. I have voted against cuts to the police grant every year since they were introduced in 2010 as our police are overstretched and it is an increasing concern. Cash allocated for police forces historically has not been getting through - hindering officers from catching criminals. 

More must be done to increase police numbers across West Yorkshire to tackle the very real and very worrying rise in crime across the Shipley constituency. The first duty of the government is to protect the public and the police are trying valiantly to deal with the spike in crime right across the constituency. West Yorkshire Police are increasing police numbers and that is very welcome but more must be done to make sure they can increase them much further and faster to help them reassure the Shipley constituency, clear up these crimes and protect the public.

That is why I am delighted the Prime Minister has announced the funding for an extra 20,000 police officers.