Philip Davies MP warns more money must be ploughed into policing

More money must be ploughed into policing, Philip Davies MP has warned.

Philip said Government must focus on police resources to tackle rising crime and urged Treasury ministers to act.

In a frank exchange in Parliament Mr Davies said: “When is the Chancellor going to give some much needed money to our police forces.”

Chief Secretary Liz Truss replied: “We have given extra grant funding to the police forces, we are also achieving better efficiencies in conjunction with the Home Office and we have covered the cost of additional pensions as well.”

Mr Davies said the answer was unsatisfactory and said the public wanted more police on the streets and extra money must be found.

He added: “The first duty of the Government is to protect the public and keep them safe and policing should always be a priority for a Conservative Government. We need more resources for our hardworking police so they can keep our constituents safe. If the government fails to act it is in danger of being very out of touch with public opinion on this issue.”

Mr Davies voted against cuts to the police grants every year since they were introduced in 2010.