Philip Davies responds to Spending Review 2019

Shipley MP Philip Davies said: “We are committed to delivering on what matters to people and today’s statement by the Chancellor is testament to this. We are starting by tackling violent crime with an additional 20,000 new police officers on our streets and £2.6billion for schools and £400 million for Further Education. I have repeatedly called for more officers on the streets and more money for our schools and colleagues and have had numerous meeting with ministers  to set out the needs of the Shipley constituency and I will continue to do so. I have always voted against any cuts to police funding as I have been clear we must support our officers and do everything we can to reduce crime. I have spent time with our Police and know how hard they work and know the challenges they face and that is one of the reasons why I campaigned for a Police Covenant, which offers them protection in and out of the job – and I was delighted when government confirmed in July it will become law. I have met with education ministers, teachers and governors to discuss issues facing our schools and FE colleges across the constituency so I am delighted with the extra cash and will now be looking at the detail and how it will benefit our area. 

“We had to make tough decisions in the past to tackle the economic mess left by Labour but now we can offer certainty to every government department they will not face cuts in the next year. I welcome the announcement of nearly £34 billion extra for our frontline NHS, millions to transform bus services and money to help our young people on to the housing ladder. Supporting the most vulnerable in society is also essential and I am delighted an additional £1 billion has been allocated for social care to local authorities. The Conservative Party is committed to leaving the European Union on October 31 and delivering on the result of the referendum but is looking beyond Brexit and investing in our future and I will be now looking at all these announcements, speaking to ministers to find out what it means for Shipley and ensuring we get our fair share of all money available.”