Philip Davies vows to fight to remove wards from local lockdown at next review

“I am again extremely frustrated and disappointed that the entire Bradford District has been kept in a local lockdown for a further week.


“Having spoken to the Secretary of State, Matt Hancock, about this, he made it clear that the whole of the Bradford District was included “at the insistence of Bradford Council”.


“For Bradford Council to insist on areas such as those in my constituency to be kept in a local lockdown unnecessarily shows the lack of concern they have for my constituency. It makes no sense that Burley and Menston, who have recorded no new cases for the past week, should be treated the same as central Bradford, where cases remain high. This is why it is so vital we break away from Bradford Council and form our own local authority with the Keighley constituency as soon as possible.


“However, following my persistent pressure, I am delighted that Matt Hancock has made clear that he is not prepared to allow a blanket Bradford Council lockdown to continue beyond next week, and has insisted that the Council seek agreement with the local MP as to which wards should be removed and which should be kept in.


“In those discussions with Bradford Council my constituents can be assured that I will continue to argue that those wards who should not be in the local lockdown are removed at the review next week.”



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