Philip Davies MP demands assurances Government's flood defence program will protect constituents from future flooding

AN MP has demanded assurances Government’s flood defence programme will protect the Shipley constituency and prevent residents being hit by any future flooding.

Shipley MP Philip Davies told Parliament many of the families hit by flooding are the same households which flooded in the freak rainfall on Boxing Day 2015.

Speaking in the Commons he thanked Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers for her help and support at the weekend as he tried to aid constituents affected by the floods, as he called for answers over what measures are in place to prevent a repeat of the weekend.

Mr Davies said: “As I told her many of my constituents who were flooded over the weekend were exactly the same people who were flooded on Boxing Day 2015 which really is completely unacceptable.

“Can she assure me that the flood defence programme that government has in place will ensure that my constituents in Shipley will not have to suffer this fate yet again.?”

Environment Secretary Ms Villiers said: “I am afraid there can be no absolute guarantees on flooding, but what I can assure him is that government is determined to press on with its major investment in our flood defences to better protect thousands of homes and businesses across the country.

“Certainly one of the things we will do as a result of what has happened over the weekend is a fresh look to make sure everything possible is being done to keep those flood defence projects on track for delivery.”

Last week Mr Davies called on Government to set out when the flood defence programme would start to ensure West Yorkshire did not suffer a repeat of the 2015 floods.