MPs set out opposition to controversial incinerator in official ten page document to environment agency

Two district MPs campaigning to stop a controversial incinerator getting the final green light have submitted a ten-page document to the Environment Agency setting out why it should not be allowed to go ahead.

Endless Energy has planning permission for the scheme on a former gas works site alongside the Aire Valley trunk road at Marley, but the Environment Agency are currently deciding whether to grant an environmental permit application – the last hurdle it needs to clear.

A consultation into the scheme has now closed which attracted nearly 900 submissions.

Keighley and Ilkley MP Robbie Moore and Shipley MP Philip Davies put in a joint submission detailing concerns ranging from health and wellbeing issues to the lifespan and operational capacity of the incinerator.

Mr Moore said: “I do not want to see this project go ahead. I have severe concerns that if the incinerator was to be built, it will have huge impacts on the health and wellbeing of many residents across Keighley and Ilkley. The site is completely wrong, situated at the bottom a valley in close proximity to many homes, schools and community sports pitches. Both Philip and I have made our views known loud and clear to the Environment Agency. It is really frustrating that Bradford Council awarded planning consent in the first place.

The MPs believe the consultation process lacked transparency, was “inadequate and unfair” and the presentation made it difficult to match claims made by the Environment Agency with supporting technical evidence. In addition, they criticise the lack of detail over the lifespan of the incinerator and decommissioning of the site should it go ahead.

Other areas of concern included emissions and odour and how it will be monitored and controlled. The MPs believe answers provided by Endless Energy which claimed cleaning will be carried out “periodically” or “as necessary” were insufficient.

Mr Davies has repeatedly spoken out about the scheme, first opposing it when planning permission was submitted to Bradford Council three years ago.

Mr Davies said: “There are existing problems with air pollution in the area and there is no doubt in my mind this scheme will exacerbate that with increased traffic going to the site as well as pollution caused by the site itself. This poses a risk to my constituents and I will not sit quietly and let this happen while there is still a chance it can be stopped.

“I fully support Robbie in trying to get this stopped and will do everything I can to help him to protect the people of Keighley and Shipley constituencies.”


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