MP asks for business views on Government support throughout the pandemic

Businesses across Shipley and Saltaire are being asked their views on how Government supported them throughout the pandemic and what more needs to be done to keep staff in jobs as the country begins to reopen.

Shipley MP Philip Davies wants to know what measures would help support their workforce, not only to retain the current staffing levels but expand in future.

He is asking businesses to fill in a detailed survey focusing on the pandemic and the recovery from Covid-19.

Mr Davies said: “Now more than ever we must do everything we can to support business. Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced an unprecedented package of support to put staff on furlough at the start of the pandemic and now as we move into our economic recovery, we need to ensure the voices of business are heard. The Conservative Party is the party of business and I want Government to understand the needs of our local businesses and what help and support they need to help. We need to ensure there is an environment which supports businesses and in which they can thrive.”

Questions being asked of the business owners range from how concerned they are about the future of their businesses, how to they expect staffing levels to change over the coming 12 months and what should and could be introduced to help retain staff.

Mr Davies added: “Keeping people in jobs is essential and in turn helps our economic recovery. People want to work and we need to ensure we help businesses in every way possible to ensure they keep staff.

“I decided to do this survey – similar to other surveys I have done on other issues – because this is the toughest challenge we have faced since the World War Two and we all need to work together to find solutions.”

Mr Davies also asked businesses about how a £25 million funding allocation for Shipley town centre could be best spent to benefit everyone, with options including free or extra parking to attract more footfall or rejuvenating the market.

The results of the survey will be analysed and used by Mr Davies to ensure the voices of local businesses are heard both to representatives at Bradford Council and in Westminster to Government ministers at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.