Urgent Question on the Deportation of Brain Family

An Australian family living in Scotland facing deportation are the victims of a need to clamp down on immigration due to free movement in Europe, an MP has warned. Shipley MP Philip Davies said “while no one was more passionate” about a robust immigration system than he was, he believed Gregg and Kathryn Brain were being treated slightly unfairly. The Brain family moved to Scotland in 2011 but must leave the UK and return to Australia within days if they cannot meet visa criteria. Speaking in the Commons Mr Davies said: “No one is more passionate about having a robust immigration policy than me but I just wonder whether or not the minister would agree that this may be a case of the government being overly harsh on people outside of the European Union, as a direct consequence on having free movement of people from within the European Union.” The comments came in response to an urgent question to the Home Office on the plight of the family who have Scottish ancestry. They moved to Scotland as part of an initiative backed by the Home Office and Scottish government to attract people to live and work in the Highlands. Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said he would “reflect” on the arguments in support of the family staying made from all sides of the Commons.