Transport Secretary Chris Grayling gives a promising response to questions by Philip Davies MP on the hope for the Shipley Eastern Bypass

Government has given its strongest hint yet that a Shipley Eastern Bypass will be built.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said he would be “very surprised” if the proposed Shipley Eastern Bypass was not on a list of schemes brought forward as part of a £244 million major road network bypass fund announced today.

He made the comment in Parliament responding to questioning from Shipley MP Philip Davies and also confirmed Bradford Council will be given £2.3 million of an allocation to improve traffic management systems.

Mr Grayling said: “Later this year we will start consultation on a major route network which I think may provide the routes to securing the Shipley Eastern Bypass he is concerned about.”

Mr Davies: “I am very grateful and I very much welcome the bypass fund that he is setting up appreciating the difficulties many motorists have in getting around. Does this new bypass fund mean that the long wait that local businesses, local residents and I have suffered waiting for a Shipley Bypass may soon be at an end?”

Mr Davies has raised the issue repeatedly but kept being told by Government and transport bosses across West Yorkshire the other parties involved were responsible for hold ups. But during today’s Common’s Transport Questions it appeared Mr Davies had secured the promise he has long campaigned for.

Mr Grayling added: “As I indicated it is very much my hope that a number of schemes around the country will start to be brought forward for development under this fund. I would be rather surprised if the Shipley Eastern Bypass is not one of those that are brought forward as a proposal to come early on. Indeed he knows I will be joining him to see the issues around the Shipley Eastern Bypass and see the possible route shortly and I have no doubt he and colleagues in his constituency will be making strong representations when I visit.”

Mr Davies said the scheme is vital to his constituents and the local economy.

He added: “The case for a Shipley Eastern Bypass was first mentioned in the Airedale Plan many years ago. Today’s response is the strongest commitment I have been given and I will keep pushing to make sure this happens.”