Tackling Childhood Obesity

AN MP has urged government to curb its “nanny state” instincts when it comes to tackling childhood obesity.

Instead of dictating to parents what they should be feeding their children, more physical activity should be incorporated into a child’s day, Shipley MP Philip Davies said.

Speaking in Health Question in Parliament, Mr Davies said: “Do not go down the route of nanny state proposals after nanny state proposals but instead to look at Active Movement, which is in operation in many areas around the country which builds exercise into the average day in schools which is already making a great difference to childhood obesity levels.”

Health Minister Nicola Blackwood said getting children to do an hour of physical activity, whether that is PE or some kind of movement, is a key plank in government’s obesity strategy.

 Mr Davies said exercise was vital for all ages and government should ensure children have time put aside in the curriculum for this.

Government claim the childhood obesity epidemic is now a “national emergency”.

The childhood obesity strategy was launched in the summer and included key steps in how to make children’s lives healthier, including how and why children become overweight and ways to tackle it.