Sustainable Energy Partnership Apologies to Philip Davies MP

The Sustainable Energy Partnership has issued an official apology for incorrectly naming him as an objector to Anne Snellgrove's bill.

Below is the apology issued by the Sustainable Energy Partnerhip to Philip:

Anne Snellgrove's Private Member's Bill and Philip Davies MP

An Apology by the Sustainable Energy Partnership On Friday 25th April Anne Snellgove's Public Sector Buildings (Energy
Performance) Bill came up in the House of Commons for its Second Reading.

Because of a protracted debated on the Bill that was in front of it on the agenda the Bill was only reached at 2.30 p.m. This meant that it had to go through 'on the nod' to proceed. It would only take one MP to shout 'object' to stop this happening.

In the event Chris Chope (Conservative, Christchurch) did shout 'object' and the Bill did not proceed.

However, immediately following the close of proceedings on 25th April SEP was assured by two MPs that Mr Philip Davies (Conservative, Shipley) also objected. Acting on this information given in good faith by two MPs, SEP wrote to our supporters and people in Mr Davies's constituency protesting at his action.

Philip Davies personally assured us
. He did not shout object and
. That he never had any intention to oppose the Bill.

We totally
accept that Mr Davies did not object to the Bill.
On behalf of SEP, Partnership

Organiser Ron Bailey said:
"We unreservedly apologise to Philip Davies - and to our supporters. We acted in good faith - but on this occasion (the first in 7 years of activity) we got it wrong. We have long argued that MPs should accept responsibility for their mistakes: that rule must apply to us as well."

SEP Chairman and Director of the Association for the Conservation of Energy, Andrew Warren, said: "Mr Davies has been patient in waiting for our apology, and we thank him for that. We are also grateful for the assurance that he has given us that he never had any intention of opposing the Bill. We have undertaken to contact all the people who lobbied Mr Davies to correct our error."