Statement on Schools Funding

Schools across the district will learn how much cash they will receive under government changes to funding in September after an MP demanded a timescale was set out.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said what mattered to schools, parents and governors was how much schools would be receiving and after months of uncertainty over proposed funding formula changes.

Speaking in the Commons after Education Secretary Justine Greening updated MPs on school funding, Mr Davies said: “At the end of the day what really matters to the schools is the budget that they are going to get. When will they actually be communicated with and be told exactly what this will mean for each individual school budget as that is really what head teachers and teachers, governors and parents will want to know, when will that information be disseminated and can she confirm that the promise not to cut any funding from any school also applies to special schools as well as mainstream schools.”

Government announced schools will be given an extra £1.3 billion per year paid for through savings from existing budgets including spending on free schools.

Ms Greening said also promised a higher minimum per pupil funding.

She added: “We will confirm what the allocation is notionally to each school in September. That is a significant process, it involves confirming allocations for around 24,000 schools but that is when that data will be available. What I have set out is not just the funding for core schools budget but also for high need which I hope is good news for him.”

An overhaul of funding had been proposed which would have seen some areas benefit and other lose out. After pressure from MPs, including Mr Davies, Government halted plans and earlier this month said no school would miss out.

Mr Davies was then reassured by Schools Minister Nick Gibb no school in the district would lose any funding nor did any school need to close early on a Friday, which had been suggested by Cottingley Village Primary.