Statement on Next Steps in Leaving the EU

AN MP has urged government not to betray the British people, and said they should reject any attempt by politicians to undo the result of the EU referendum.

Shipley MP Philip Davies urged government to ignore MPs from all political parties that “cannot bring themselves to come to terms with the referendum result.”

Speaking in the Commons Mr Davies said: “There is no such thing as hard Brexit or soft Brexit, there is Brexit or no Brexit, it is rather like being pregnant, you are pregnant or you are not, and we are in the European Union or out of the European Union.

“Being in the single market would mean keeping EU laws, the European Court of Human Justice making decisions and it would also probably mean free movement of people and paying into the EU budget. That would be a betrayal of what the British people voted for in the referendum.”

The comments came in response to a statement from Brexit Secretary David Davis to the House of Commons after MPs called for a vote ahead of triggering Article 50 to start the leave process.

David Davis replied: “Yes he (Philip Davies) is right, that is precisely what is driving our negotiating strategy. The word hard Brexit and soft Brexit are designed to deceive. They are not meaningful in any way. What we are talking about is the best possible trade access. We are going to get the best outcome for this country and that will be open trade.”

It is thought that Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger Article 50 before the end of March next year.