Shipley MP's call amid fears of job losses

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Shipley's MP will today demand the Government stops taxing bingo at a higher rate than other gambling venues amid fears more halls will close and more jobs lost.

MP Philip Davies said bingo was under threat because of high taxes.

He will tonight call for lower taxation to allow the"hugely important social interaction" activity to secure a future.

He said: "The taxation for bingo is harsher than other forms of gambling, I am not asking for special treatment for bingo halls but for them to have the same deal as others."

Dozens of bingo halls have closed this year and operators place much of the blame on a change which means bingo companies' profits are now taxed at 22 per cent, rather than 15 per cent.

Earlier this year, Bradford bingo lovers gathered at the Houses of Parliament to protest against the tax increase.

Gala Bingo Bradford manager Wayne Bousfield said: "Other forms of soft gambling are only taxed at 15 per cent so why should bingo pay 22 per cent?"