Shipley MP warns: International Aid Budget should not be protected from cuts


The international aid budget should not be protected from cuts when support for people with disabilities in the UK are feeling the pinch, an MP has warned.


Shipley MP Philip Davies said too many government departments were protected from cuts which impacted more heavily on the other areas.


Speaking in the Commons during a Budget debate he called for the “ludicrous” ring fencing of foreign aid to be scrapped.


Mr Davies said: “I very much support the Chancellor in wanting to live within our means and get the budget to balance as quickly as possible. The problem we have at the moment is there are too many government departments that are ring fenced meaning that the same departments have to face the same cuts year after year, so therefore is it not time now to end the ludicrous ring fencing of the international aid budget.”


The International Aid Bill made it law that at least 0.7 per cent of national income is spent on aid.


Treasury Minister David Gauke said: “I am afraid I do not agree and it was a manifesto commitment by our Party (Conservatives) that we would fulfil the 0.7 per cent target.”


Mr Davies said the majority of his constituents would want to protect the health budget. Previously he called for taxpayers to have their say via a referendum on whether International Aid spending should be set in stone. His attempt was not supported by enough MPs.