Tough restrictions are needed on numbers of wind turbines, their locations and height to stop them blighting the area – and to stop households footing the costs through their energy bills, an MP will say this week.

Shipley MP Philip Davies has backed a Bill discussed in Parliament on Friday 16the January 2015 which would also restrict the subsidies given to off shore wind turbines.

Offshore wind farms are heavily subsidised through levies on consumer energy bills and Mr Davies said it was unfair his constituents have seen bills increase to fund the green initiatives.

He said: “I have long said and will keep saying I want people to have the cheapest energy and not the greenest energy. I do not want my constituents forced to pay more on their bills to subsidise these measures. Ed Miliband when he was Energy Secretary decided people would pay more for greener energy and the extra burden on a bill is forever increasing.

“Wind Turbines are a blot on the landscape and this is one of the reasons I opposed the proposals for Denholme. Although people may not be able to see off shore farms as they would if onshore, it is still an extremely expensive and ineffective form of energy.”

Mr Davies told the Commons the so-called green energy initiatives are no more than a skewed redistribution of wealth from the poor – who pay extra on their bills – to rich landowners who benefit from these subsidies.