Shipley Eastern Bypass Meeting

Transport bosses in West Yorkshire will be asked to meet with Government ministers to discuss the Shipley Eastern Bypass after an MP demanded everyone stop blaming each other for delays to the much needed scheme.

Shipley MP Philip Davies has been pushing the issue for years but has repeatedly been told by different sides the other is responsible for the hold up.

In Commons Transport Questions Mr Davies said the scheme was vital to his constituents and the local economy and demanded a meeting so “neither can blame each other for the lack of progress.”

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling agreed to the meeting and added: “The creation of the major roads network the bypass fund will I hope mean we can unlock some of these schemes that will make such a difference to towns around the country like Shipley.”

Mr Davies said: “The case for a Shipley Eastern Bypass was made clear in the Airedale Master Plan many years ago. The Government say it is a matter for the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Bradford Council say the government rules on return on investment make this scheme impossible. I will keep pushing for a date for this meeting and make sure it happens soon. We need answers; we cannot have a situation where people keep blaming each other.

“It needs to be sorted and we must do whatever is necessary to get it done for the benefit of my constituents.”