Shipley Eastern Bypass

Money is available for a Shipley Eastern Bypass but its fate lies with Bradford Council and West Yorkshire Combined Authorities, an MP has said.

Shipley MP Philip Davies is renewing his call for the two Labour led organisations to not focus on its heartlands but invest in schemes which benefit the entire district.

Speaking in Parliament Mr Davies welcomed a government announcement to inject additional money into the Leeds Enterprise Partnership, but told the Commons too often decisions only benefited Labour heartlands.

He said: “The minister has said that the Yorkshire combined authority will use the new single appraisal framework to inform a formal review of transport fund priorities by 2015 to include the Shipley Eastern bypass, something which I very much welcome.

“Does this mean the government has been persuaded by the persistent case I have made for the need for Shipley eastern bypass and can he confirm that the funding is now available to progress this scheme and is the onus now on Bradford Council and West Yorkshire combined authority to prioritise schemes that benefit the whole of West Yorkshire and not just their Labour heartlands.”

Mr Davies has long campaigned for the local scheme and reiterated his call as government announced funding will be devolved from central government into the hands of local authorities, businesses, colleges and universities will help to train young people, create thousands of new jobs, build thousands of new homes and start hundreds of infrastructure project, including transport improvements and superfast broadband networks.

Science Minister Greg Clark praised Mr Davies for his persistence “in being an advocate for Shipley and this road.”

He added: “Transport funds have been devolved to West Yorkshire and in fact a £1bn is now available and of course it is right in prioritising schemes, they should cover the whole of the area, that is clearly understood, that is set out in the agreement and I know he will make his cause locally with the vigorous and passion he does in Westminster.”