Question to the Prime Minister

Britain must stop ploughing money into corrupt countries like Afghanistan and Nigeria an MP has warned. In Prime Minister’s Questions Mr Davies said to David Cameron: “Stop pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into those and other corrupt countries until they clean up their act.” He also called on the PM to set out where he would put the European Union “in his league tale of corruption given they have not had their accounts signed off for 20 years.” Mr Cameron said: “In countries like Nigeria and Afghanistan their leaders are battling very hard against very corrupt systems and in both cases have made some remarkable steps forward. We are keen to welcome them to the anti-corruption conference here in London. “I do not think it would be right to withdraw the aid we give as the problems in those countries come back and haunt us here, whether it is problems of migration or terrorism, we are a country involved in a dangerous world and I see our aid budget and defence budget is ways of keeping up safe and prosperous in a dangerous world as well as keeping our important moral responsibilities.” Mr Davies added: “It seems in the case of Nigeria and Afghanistan we are taking money from poor people in rich countries to give to rich people in poorer countries.”