Question on International Men's Day

AN MP has accused a Government minister of not taking the issues men face seriously after a flippant comment in Parliament claiming that every day could be mistaken as International Men’s Day.

Shipley MP Philip Davies questioned what plans Government has for International Men’s Day – a chance to highlight struggles faced by men, including suicide rates and domestic violence.

Instead of setting out plans, Equalities Minister Caroline Dinenage started her response with “some women might be forgiven for thinking every day is International Men’s Day.”

Mr Davies said the comment proved how male issues were not being taken as seriously as those faced by some women.

In response Mr Davies said: “The department (for Equality) should take International Men’s Day as seriously as the Prime Minister has. The Prime minister has said she recognises the important issues this event seeks to highlight, in men’s health, male suicide rates and the underperformance of boys in schools.

“These are serious issues that need to be addressed in a considered way.”

Ms Dinenage said the comments were “a little bit unfair”.

She added: “The role of the Government’s equalities office is to tackle inequality wherever we find it.”

International Men’s Day is on November 19 and the theme is making a difference for men and boys with a focus on male suicide.