Prime Ministers Statement on EU and Turkey


An MP has warned millions more people could move to Britain if Turkey joins the European Union.


Shipley MP Philip Davies said the move would allow 75 million Turks to enter the country, increasing the pressure on schools, hospitals and other public services, in addition to costing the taxpayer more in European contributions.


Mr Davies – who is campaigning for a No vote in June’s referendum on Europe – criticised Prime Minister David Cameron for his support of Turkey’s bid to join the EU.


Mr Davies said: “What assessment has been made of the effect of migration from Turkey into the UK in the long run if they were to join or the additional costs to the UK taxpayer in increased contributions if they were to join? Or is it the case government favour Turkey’s accession to the EU at any price to the UK taxpayer?”


The Prime Minister previously said he would do everything he could to get Turkey into the EU. He is one of Turkey’s few allies and urged other European leaders also to support the country joining the EU.


In response to questioning David Cameron said a “much tougher approach” was being taken for countries wanting to join the EU.


He added: “No country can get into the EU without unanimity between all members it is something which we and other countries have a veto.”


Mr Davies said: “Allowing more countries to join the EU will mean more people can come to Britain and in turn put pressure on our schools and hospitals. As long as Britain remains part of European Union we have no control over millions of people coming into the country.  Leaving the EU would allow us to take back control over our borders.”


Mr Davies said despite other countries not supporting Turkey joining the EU it spoke volumes that the UK government did, and showed that voting to stay in the EU in the referendum was not a vote for the status quo – it would be a vote for more EU countries and more immigration.