Positive Discrimination

Philip Davies has hit out at the “pure and simple racism” being shown by some media organisations offering internships for non-white people.

Only ethnic minorities can apply for the ITV and New Statesman positions.

The Shipley MP said: “This is pure and simple racism. It’s the most blatant racism that you will ever see if you can only get a job because of the colour of your skin. There’s unacceptable racism among left wing luvvies.

“Everybody knows and accepts one of the groups doing worst is the white, working-class – boys in particular. To in effect deprive a white, working-class person is completely unacceptable. It’s simplistic diversity.”

Mr Davies said The Equality and Human Rights Commission should not be allowing this to happen.

He added: “What on earth is wrong with appointing people based on merit, irrespective of colour or gender? “If we want to live in a country of equality then surely race should be irrelevant when it comes to employment. Just give the job to the best person.”

Mr Davies has long campaigned for equality to be free of colour, creed, religion, or sexual preference or gender.

He added: “I get criticised for wanting true equality and this is what I have been calling for since I entered Parliament in 2005. We are all people and we should not be judging or discriminating. This outrageous advert by two media organisation proves discrimination is everywhere.

“People must be gender, colour and religion blind when giving jobs. People should be judged on merit and certainly not the colour of skin, this is a disgusting and divisive move that creates division in the country.”