Point of Order: Boundary Changes

Any plans to reduce the number of MPs across the country must be mirrored with a reduction in numbers of Government Ministers, Shipley MP Philip Davies said.

Proposed boundary changes to Parliamentary constituencies would see numbers reduced from 650 MPs across the country to 600.

But Mr Davies raised a point of order in Parliament - a chance for MPs to pose questions on procedural matters to the Common’s Speaker – about numbers of ministerial posts.

He said: “We have the situation whereby the Government propose to reduce the number of MPs by 50 but not to reduce the number of Ministers by an equal proportion, thereby giving the Government more control over the House of Commons. That is clearly an outrage, and surely it is something that needs to be considered.”

Mr Davies also supported calls by fellow Conservative MP Charles Walker to look at the changes again given it seemed “perverse”to reduce the number of MPs but allow the Lords to continue growing when they are unaccountable, but have the power to block legislation passed by elected representatives.

Speaker John Bercow agreed with Mr Davies and added it would be a “rum business to reduce the number of MPs but not to cut the number of ministers.”