Philip urges the governement not to become a "nanny state"

An MP has urged government not to be a “nanny state.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said Conservatives believed in parental responsibility.

He made the comments as Government published its second chapter of the childhood obesity plan. It wants to reduce the gap between the most and least deprived areas and achieve a national target of halving numbers of children classed as obese by 2030.

Mr Davies said: “May I remind the Minister that he is actually supposed to be a Conservative and urge him to think about this from a Conservative standpoint, which focuses on things like parental responsibility and not seeking to ban anything that moves?

 Mr Davies previously said no food in moderation was unhealthy and eaten as part of a balanced diet.

But Health and Social Care Minister Steve Brine said obesity was putting a strain on the NHS.

He added: “At the end of the day this is a publicly funded health service that we all believe in and all love. If we want it to celebrate its 140th birthday, we need to protect it, and that means getting serious about prevention and stopping people coming into the service and getting sick. Everyone in the House—Conservative, Labour and everyone in between—should get behind that.”

Measures include banning sweets and calorific snacks at the checkouts, shop entrances and excluding them from any buy one get one free offers. It is also considering stopping unhealthy food being advertised on TV pre-watershed. Restaurant, cafes and take away shops will also be expected to details the number of calories in each meal.

Government claim it will give parents the tools to make informed choices. Nearly one in four children are overweight or obese before they start school and reducing weight can combat bullying, stigma and low self-esteem, Mr Brine said.

Mr Davies added: “We would not expect a Conservative government to set up an unhealthy food police. Giving people information is a good thing, but banning things is disproportionate, authoritarian and will be ineffective”