Philip Supports Communities Through Retail Regeneration

Philip Davies MP demonstrated his support for sustainable retail property development by attending the BCSC Parliamentary Showcase in the House of Commons on Tuesday 16th October 2007.

The Showcase gave Philip Davies MP the opportunity to meet retail property organisations behind regeneration developments in his local area, discuss innovative and sustainable pipeline projects, address any potential issues these developments may cause and find out about what BCSC and the retail property industry are doing to address environmental responsibilities and contribute to delivering sustainable communities.

While visiting the showcase Philip was able to take the opportunity to press Westfield about their proposed shopping centre development in Bradford where they assured him that the scheme would definitely go ahead and work was likely to start around the time of the New Year.

Philip welcomed this opportunity to support sustainable retail-led regeneration saying,

'This event clearly emphasises the high priority given to sustainable town centre redevelopment by the retail property industry. It is crucial that shopping centres recognise their responsibility to contribute towards environmentally friendly and socially viable communities.'

The Parliamentary Showcase comes at a time when regeneration and town centre development is at the heart of the Government's agenda. The publication of the Barker Review of Land Use Planning and the subsequent Government White Paper; Planning for a Sustainable Future have set out significant reforms to planning policy that look towards stream lining the planning process for major infrastructure developments. Philip Davies MP said:

"This event offers useful insights into how retail property will be affected by proposed Government changes to local and national planning processes and how this will impact on the look, use and environmental impact of our town centres."