Philip showing his support for the Local Government Association.

Philip Davies MP today pledged support to ensure that people are well informed about local services paid for out of their council tax.

The pledge comes in response to a national drive amongst councils to better inform residents about local services. The Local Government Association's 'My Council' campaign encourages councils to use a range of simple posters telling people about the services delivered in their name, with their council tax.

Research for the Local Government Association by TNS shows that many people are largely unaware of the services that councils provide, while 84% of people think councils should tell them about those services.

Philip Davies MP said: "Local politics, just like national politics, has a big effect on people's everyday lives. Decisions are made on behalf of residents and public money is spent, so it is crucial that people can see where their taxes go and what they are voting for.

"Councils deliver over 800 services, but unless people are aware of whose running those services, they can't make the most of them and influence how they are run."

Since the campaign's launch over the summer, more than 100 councils have already requested the My Council artwork for use in their areas. It is based on a successful campaign devised by Northamptonshire County Council.


Notes to editors:

1.Copies of posters available on request from the Local Government Association ( / 020 7664 3131).
2.The LGA commissioned TNS to conduct a survey with adults throughout England. 1,757 adults were interviewed between 13 to 17 June.