Philip says threats of using a knife should be an offence regardless of location

Calls by a district MP to make threatening to use a knife an offence, regardless of where the crime takes place could become law, government has said.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid said the proposal and reasoning set out by Shipley MP Philip Davies was “very thoughtful and valuable” and he was “considering it.”

Mr Davies has suggested amendments to the Offensive Weapons Bill and hopes Government will accept the idea.

Speaking in Home Office Questions Mr Davies said: “Has the Home Secretary yet decided to accept the amendments I made during the second reading of the Offensive Weapons Bill not least the one where currently the offence of threatening someone with a knife only applies to public places.

“Does the Home Secretary agree with me that threatening with a knife should apply to everywhere it is done and private places as well?”

Replying Mr Javid said: “I remember that debate very well and he made a very thoughtful and valuable contribution and I listened very carefully to the suggestion he made and that is why I am considering it.”

Mr Davies said it was common sense location was irrelevant when threatening someone with a knife.

He said: “I am delighted the Home Secretary said he is considering the amendment. It is a common sense move and should not be controversial. It is a much needed addition to the current legislation and by widening the scope to cover all locations in regard to threatening to use a knife it will go some way to tackling knife crime, and ensuring offences are properly punished.”

Latest figures show 60 per cent of people charged with possession of a knife escaped prison and 38 per cent of people who threatened someone with a knife were also not sent to prison.