Philip Davies says wind turbine proposal at Thornton Moor should be blocked


Date: June 6

An MP has accused Bradford Council of “riding roughshod” over the wishes of residents’ opposition to planning applications - as the Government unveils tough new measures which could see locals halt future wind turbines damaging the skyline.

Under the new rules set out by government, developers would have to consult communities before applying for planning permission and if there was local objection the process would stop. 

However, to ensure new developments still go-ahead in appropriate locations residents will be offered a five-fold increase in financial incentives to home the plant – an estimated £100,000 a year for a medium-sized wind farm.

Mr Davies hopes the measures will ensure that the proposal by Banks Renewables for 4x 100m turbines at Thornton Moor will now be blocked. 

In the Commons Mr Davies called for answers from Housing Minister Mark Prisk on what safeguards would be provided for local residents.

He said: “My constituents have become accustomed to Labour-run Bradford council’s practice of sending its councillors over to parts of the constituency, riding roughshod over the wishes of local councillors and residents, and imposing unpopular decisions on them. What safeguards will be introduced to stop Labour councils such as Bradford imposing decisions on my constituents, contrary to the recommendations of the guidance?”

Last month the council approved a 20-metre tall wind turbine Denholme claiming it was a suitable location as there were other turbines nearby.

Environment Minister Mark Prisk said the situation in Bradford sounded “shocking”.

He added: “Our key purpose in making these changes is to ensure that the voice of local people is stronger. Mr Davies is evidently experiencing a difficulty with the local Labour council, which I must say does sound shocking, but I am sure that, in his usual terrier-like manner, he will ensure that it understands what it is doing wrong.”