Philip Davies MP comments on the Prime Minister's Brexit statement

Shipley MP Philip Davies said: “I very much support the Prime Minister in the final destination but the speech in Florence seemed like a reward for the EU’s intransigence. Can she confirm that we buy around £70 billion pounds more goods and services from the EU than they buy from us each year and that when we leave the EU we will be there single biggest export market. So given that can she confirm there will be no more rewards for the EU’s intransience?”

Prime Minister Theresa May said: “I say he is right that the trading relationship between the United Kingdom and the EU is very important to the European Union as well as being important to us in the UK, what I did in my Florence speech is set out a vision, a proposal, for the future relationship between the two countries based on the current relationship we have and showing how we can develop that relationship in a way which is in the best interest of both sides. This has changed the dial – switched the dial - in relation to the negotiations we are having and we look forward to being able to enter these negotiations on those aspects in more detail.”