Philip Davies MP asks the Prime Minister to ensure that Yorkshire is a priority in funding for transport infrastructure

More money must be ploughed into transport infrastructure in Yorkshire and it must not miss out at the expense of London and the South, an MP has said.

Shipley MP Philip Davies told the Commons Yorkshire was not getting its fair share of the funding cake.  

Speaking in Prime Minister’s Questions he urged action for the county and for the Shipley Eastern Bypass to be given the go-ahead.

Mr Davies said: “Many of my constituents feel that Yorkshire has not had its fair share of the transport infrastructure cake over recent years especially compared with London and the South East.

“Will the Prime Minister therefore prioritise to significantly increase the proportion of transport infrastructure which is spent in the north generally and in Yorkshire in particular in this Parliament, and will she start as she means to go on and ensure we get the much needed and long awaited Shipley Eastern Bypass.”

Mr Davies has long campaigned for the Bypass and has organised meetings between councils, transport bosses and government to get the scheme sorted.

Prime Minister Theresa May said: “He raises an important point and he never ceases to raise the concerns of his constituents as he rightly should. We are committed to ensuring the whole country gets the transport infrastructure it needs and that is not about making a choice between north and south and that is why we are carrying out one of the biggest investments in transport in the region for a generation. Spending £13 billion on northern transport in this parliament and that is the largest in government history. In regards to the Shipley Eastern Relief Road I believe there is a decision to be taken by the local authority but we do want to see these sorts of improvements being supported and that is why we have allocated up to £781 million for the West Yorkshire plus transport fund to deliver local priorities.”

Mr Davies said he will be speaking with Bradford Council and West Yorkshire transport bosses again about the Eastern Bypass to keep the matter at the forefront of their minds.

He added: “This should be a priority, it was first mentioned years ago in the Airedale plan and I am frustrated that different people say it is the responsibility of others to ensure the scheme gets sorted. I will keep talking to everyone involved as my constituents need this road and it will bring so many benefits to the area. Not only will it ease congestion and make travelling much easier, it will bring economic benefits too.”