Philip calls for lower fuel duty

As your local MP, I strongly support FairFuelUK campaign. I do not think that my constituents should suffer unjustified increases in fuel duty. Even though the Government has put off increasing of fuel duty, I believe that further cuts in fuel duty are absolutely crucial, as the weakening sterling has already brought increases at the pumps and the price is likely to reach a historical high of £1.50 per litre of diesel, which is unprecedented in the UK. Increase in fuel prices has a knock-on effect on the cost of transport, goods and services and everyone will be worse off as a result. It is in the Government's hands to do something about it, to reduce fuel duty further, rather than do the exact opposite. I do not wish to see my constituents to be worse off because the Government has lost control. I wish to see the Government doing everything it can to support growth, not to plunge deeper into recession. Fuel duty cuts can lower inflation and help growth.