Philip backs Britain's charities

Philip Davies MP, Conservative Member of Parliament for Shipley, has joined Parliamentary colleagues of all political parties in adding his name to the Back Britain’s Charities campaign.

Explaining his support, Mr Davies said:

“I’m delighted to put my name to the Back Britain’s Charities campaign, and I know that charities across Shipley have joined me in adding their support. It is essential that during tough times the voice of the charitable sector is heard, and this campaign is important in articulating the challenges that charities across the country are facing.

 “I am particularly concerned that many small and medium sized charities are being forced to reduce the services that they provide as a result of a drop in donations, and more needs to be done to maximise the value of contributions that charities receive. Research shows that over £750 million of Gift Aid goes unclaimed each year, and I believe that the Government should continue investigating how to increase Gift Aid participation so that struggling charities receive more support.” 


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