Philip asks Transport Minister to intervene with Northern Rail failing to properly grit stations

Northern Rail’s failure to properly grit stations including Crossflatts in the wintery weather is a safety hazard for passengers, according to an MP.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said it was deterring people from using the railway and more must be done to protect railway users.

Speaking in Parliament he said: “Of all the things deterring people from using the railways in the wintery weather that we have had over the last few days is the failure of Northern Rail to properly grit some of the stations on their route, particularly Crossflatts in my constituency, making it a hazard for any passenger that wants to use that station. Is there anything the minster can do to intervene with Northern Rail to make sure they properly grit all their stations on the route so people who use the railways can actually go about safely doing so.”

Mr Davies said basic measures were not being put in place to ensure passenger safety and more preparation for wintery weather was needed.

Transport Minister Jo Johnson said: “We continue to work closely with Network Rail to ensure that the impact of severe weather on the system is minimised and this includes the roads, rail and aviation system, we want our transport system moving whatever the weather.”