No second referendum


A second referendum on membership of the European Union is not going to happen and government must enforce the will of the electorate, an MP has warned.


Shipley MP Philip Davies branded the BBC’s coverage since last Thursday’s Brexit vote “hysterical” and urged government to unite and press ahead with an exit plan amid continued demands from campaigners for a second vote.


He said: “Before the referendum on the government website it said the result of the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union will be final. The government would have a democratic duty to give effect to the electorate decision.


“We have had the result there is no need for any more campaigning and that everyone must get together to implement the will of public.”


Mr Davies said members of Government who campaigned to remain must also accept the democratic decision. He said a debate in the Commons on the matter would show which MPs were true democrats and respected the democratic process.


Commons Leader Chris Grayling, who also supported leaving the EU, said: “I think it is very simple we are a democracy, we vote, the result stands. If we have a general election, we on this side (Conservatives) have experienced a few of them where we have not been successful; we sit on the opposition benches and do our best to oppose the country we do not sit there demanding another general election a month later. That is the way democracy works, the people have spoken and the government will act.”