NHS Dentists in Shipley - Update

More cash looks set to be ploughed into NHS dentistry across the district after an MP highlighted the struggles of finding an affordable dentist. Shipley MP Philip Davies has repeatedly called for good local access to NHS dentistry and said people should not be forced to pay for private treatment because of a lack of services. Last night the Department of Health contacted him setting out its plans to resolve the issue. Mr Davies said: “A number of my constituents are unable to access an NHS dentist and I will keep demanding government ensure there is enough capacity for all my constituents who want an NHS dentist. I have been assured that the issue is now being looked at by national organisations as well as local bodies to see what can be done. “I am delighted the minister has listened and responded so quickly to the problem and I will keep on at him until we see changes across the area and my constituents have the access they deserve.” Health Minister Alistair Burt said NHS England, together with Healthwatch, Public Health England, and the West Yorkshire Local Dental Network (LDN) are looking at problems including access in hours, access to emergency treatment and ensuring people can receive NHS treatment. In his letter Mr Burt said: “As part of this work the LDN is currently preparing an investment plan for improving access to primary care dentistry. “Please be assured my officials will continue to monitor progress and will keep me updated on this important element of health care.” The LDN are expected to submit plans to NHS England North later this month (MAY 10).