MP calls for more help for flooding victims


Many victims of the Boxing Day floods are still not back in their homes and must not be forgotten simply because the sun is now shining, an MP has warned Government.


Shipley MP Philip Davies said much-needed defences were still not in place and demanded answers on when work would happen.


Mr Davies said: “It seems a long time ago that my constituency and many others were affected by the terrible floods over Christmas but I do not think we should not forget those people who were affected because the weather is better and we are in summer. Many of those people are still not in their homes, many of the flood defences that are required to make sure this does not happen again have not been put in place.”


Mr Davies called for a debate in Parliament or for MPs to be updated on progress being made on helping those affected and work that needs to be carried out.


He added: “This would mean in future people do not have to suffer the same distress again.”


Parts of Mr Davies’ constituency along with other areas were decimated by the freak rainfall.


Commons Leader Chris Grayling said: “I am acutely aware of the impact that the period of heavy rain had on homes and businesses in and around West Yorkshire and other parts of the country. I know this is of great concern to the Secretary of State and I will make sure she is aware those concerns have been raised again today. We clearly want to do the right thing for those affected by flooding and of course we have, since 2010 continued to spend money on flood defences and will continue to do so.”


The Shipley MP wants money taken from the overseas aid budget and spent on flood defences so his constituents do not have to suffer as they did over Christmas.