MP calls for clarity on Turkey's accession to the EU

An MP has accused the Chancellor of stooping to any level to return a Remain vote in the European Union referendum. Chancellor George Osborne is claiming Turkey would never join the EU, which opposes the view of David Cameron and official government policy. Shipley MP Philip Davies said the Prime Minister or Foreign Secretary must clarify the matter immediately. He said: “Last night the Chancellor of the Exchequer who seems to say anything at all to secure a remain vote no matter how ludicrous, was saying Turkey would never join the EU. We need to clear up this clear difference of opinion between the Chancellor and the Prime minister.” Speaking in Parliament during Commons Business Questions, he added: “Is it still government’s position that Turkey should be allowed to join the European Union and that British taxpayers’ money is still being used to help Turkey’s accession to the EU?” Commons Leader Chris Grayling said: “It is still the government’s policy that in due course Turkey should join the European Union.” Prime Minister Mr Cameron will answer questions from MPs on Wednesday at the last Prime Minister’s Question session before the impending referendum. The PM previously said he would “make the case and fight for” and would “very much support” Turkey’s accession to the EU.