Mental Health work in Bradford

The Cellar Trust in Shipley has been praised by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt for its work in supporting people with mental health problems.

Mr Hunt congratulated the organisation and hoped to take up an invitation from Shipley MP Philip Davies to visit.

 Mr Davies said: “In Bradford there is some very innovative and award winning work being done by Bradford District NHS Care trust working alongside excellent voluntary organisations and charitable organisations like the Cellar Trust in Shipley, which is delivering much improved support for mental health patients. By visiting he can share the best practice to other parts of the UK.”

Mr Davies highlighted the organisation’s achievements in helping people, during Commons Health Questions.

Mr Hunt added: “It is right to say voluntary organisations have a vital role, very often they can see the whole picture and they can see treat the whole person not just the specific NHS or specific housing issue or whatever and he is right to commend their work.”

The organisation has been working with the people of Bradford since the mid 1980s to promote recovery from mental health problems through a range of services including workshops and educational courses.